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Price list » STRONG LINE models


Calculate a price estimate for a retractable cover

The prices of retractable cover are merely an estimate.
Due to various different combinations of glazing and optional equipment the exact price of your cover will be issued after an on-site inspection.

Payable in KUNA in accordance with the exchange rate KUNA/EUR of ERSTE BANK on the day of our offer.

"STRONG LINE" POOL COVER PRICE LIST - additional information about cover prices

It is impossible to prepare an accurate price list for the ROYAL DOLPHIN STRONG LINE retractable covers due to the numerous possibilities and versions.

It is evident from the technical specifications that retractable cover manufacturing possibilities are practically endless. Many features of these retractable covers can be adapted to the customer's wishes.

Each STRONG LINE retractable cover is considered a special and unique project, and the cover structure is calculated for each individual installation according to the customer's specific requirements, therefore it is difficult to provide even an estimate of the price of the pool cover.

The price of the pool cover depends on several factors, for example:

  • Cover dimensions
  • Dimensions and cross-sections of structure profiles and steel reinforcements (according to statics calculations, e.g. for larger pools and public buildings)
  • Additional load-bearing requirements (e.g. thickness of the snow cover on the pool cover during winter)
  • Number and dimensions of retractable elements
  • Number and type of doors and windows
  • Manner of opening and closing the cover - manual or with a solar-powered motor drive
  • Manufacturing method for front walls (removable, retractable, etc.)
  • Glazing type (flexible or hard organic glass, safety laminated glass, double-layer Termopan glass, tinted ceiling, etc.)
  • Colour options for the structure are practically unlimited
  • etc.

The possibilities for the STRONG LINE retractable covers are practically endless, that is why the prices of equally sized covers can differ significantly.

Due to the large number of structural and manufacturing differences, the prices of STRONG LINE, ADVANCED or STANDARD covers are practically incomparable.

Regardless of the above, we have prepared a few price examples for smaller STRONG LINE cover versions with the basic equipment. However, these prices are only estimates and for reference purposes only, since they do not include any specific requirements regarding the structure, design, glazing and functionality of the pool cover.

A very good price estimate can be calculated with the help of the price list, even though it only includes the type of the retractable cover, its length and width. Simply mark the desired cover model and the approximate length and width (price list dimensions are max. outer dimensions).

However, to prepare an exact offer, an on-site visit is necessary (without obligation and free of charge), in order to determine the details regarding the cover for your pool, porch or garden. In some cases, a complete project for execution of the cover may be necessary prior to preparing the final offer (for complex structures).

However, in certain cases the price of the cover may be lower than the estimated price, which primarily depends on the delivery possibilities, assembly method (on-site assembly or factory-assembled cover, etc.), etc.

During an on-site inspection of the installation site and a review of possible problems, we assess the possibilities of a retractable cover installation on the basis of your wishes.