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Calculate a price estimate for a retractable cover

The prices of retractable cover are merely an estimate.
Due to various different combinations of glazing and optional equipment the exact price of your cover will be issued after an on-site inspection.

Payable in KUNA in accordance with the exchange rate KUNA/EUR of ERSTE BANK on the day of our offer.

PRICE LIST - additional information about cover prices

It is impossible to compile an accurate price list for the retractable covers on offer, since there are to many possibilities and versions.

Already from COVER DESCRIPTIONS and technical specifications it is obvious that there are numerous possibilities and options. Many parameters of retractable roofs can be adapted to a customer’s needs. It also depends on the type of use (swimming pools, porches or vegetable gardens etc.).

You cannot only choose the shape of your cover that suits your needs best. Also the dimensions have to correspond your swimming pool, porches etc. Furthermore, you can also choose from:

  • non–standard cover height
  • two width or two heights
  • an open cover can be completely stowed behind the pool (or porch, garden etc.)
  • additionally equip the cover with several doors
  • equip the door with a lock
  • even every individual segment can be equipped with a lock
  • the construction can have a stronger frame
  • the colour of the construction is only limited by your wishes
  • the cover construction is also possible with untypical widths and lengths
  • the SAN panels can also be translucent blue
  • there are several quality classes of the transparent glazing available (SAN or polycarbonate)
  • etc.

A very good price estimate can be calculated with the help of the price list, even though it only includes the type of the retractable cover, its length and width. Simply mark the desired cover model and the approximate length and width (the price list dimensions represent max. external dimensions).

However, to make an exact tender, an on–site visit is necessary (non–compulsory and free), in order to get the details about your pool, porch or garden. In some cases, the price of the retractable cover can be lower or higher than the estimated price, depending on the amount of optionals and special construction features.

During an on–site inspection of the construction site and eventual obstacles, we make detailed assessments about the possibilities according to your needs, eventual deepened railings etc.