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POOL COVERS - a perfect protection for your swimming pool. Also a protection for your porch, terrace or vegetable garden ...

Retractable covers are suitable for covering various surfaces which we may want to open occasionally, such as porches, terraces and particularly swimming pools.

Although a retractable cover does not have the same properties as a genuine glazed "conservatory", a balcony or porch can quickly become functional throughout the entire year, for the air under a retractable cover is quickly heated and the effects of wind are completely eliminated. Despite their universal functionality, retractable covers are most commonly used for covering swimming pools, since they add value to your pool and prolong the bathing season, as well as protect the swimming pool against dirt.

Even in cooler days, large covers enable pleasant swimming and lying in the sun, for it is pleasantly warm under a transparent cover even in the cool late autumn or early spring time.

A retractable cover is also the safest way to prevent accidents around the swimming pool, because the closed or even locked cover makes it completely impossible for small children or pets to access the pool.

Our offer ranges from STANDARD retractable covers at extremely favourable prices to ADVANCED covers on rails. More complex situations and more demanding requirements call for STRONG LINE retractable covers which slide on rubber rollers and thus do not require rails.

All our covers are available with a transparent double-layer polycarbonate glazing or with a fully transparent "SAN" (or polycarbonate) glazing. For STRONG LINE models, safety laminated or even double-layer Termopan glazing is available, which is particularly suitable for public buildings (restaurants, spas, etc.).

You can choose practically any colour of the aluminium profiles forming the load-bearing structure from the RAL scale (except for STANDARD models). Standard structure colours are natural anodized aluminium or several basic colours (see TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS of retractable covers).

Every retractable cover is custom-made for a specific customer (except for STANDARD models), so the final versions of the covers, although very similar, may differ greatly. This particularly applies to STRONG LINE covers with practically unlimited construction possibilities. When ordering, you not only choose the type of the cover, but also different structure heights, one or more additional doors, extended rails for ADVANCED models (for the complete detachment of the cover from the pool), the structure colour, the type and colour of the glazing, possible locks (except for STANDARD models), various special versions for enclosing terraces (particularly STRONG LINE models), etc.

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