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Technical descriptions of ADVANCED pool covers

Retractable pool covers (and other uses) ADVANCED are designed to serve its purpose for a long time as there were already set forth three main conditions in the design phase: high quality, precise production and acceptable price. All three conditions are successfully fulfilled in every cover made. That is why the constructed cover belongs to the very top quality of comparable products.

Retractable covers ADVANCED are mostly established for covering of swimming pools, but they are also very useful as an alternative for covering terraces and vegetable patches, instead of winter gardens of glass.

The entire cover construction is made of selected quality materails of European manufacturers and can hold gust of strong wind up to 80 km/h. All covers are in its basic design equipped with the door of client’s choise, but they can also be equipped with several different doors or covers of different heights, widths etc. can be made.



ProfilesAluminium profiles (AlMgSi 0.5F19) are heat–treated and coloured in white (RAL 9010 clear–white) or moss–green and (RAL 6005 moss–green), or they can also be (for the widths to 6 m) in a natural aluminium colour (natural eloxated A6/C0)


Load-bearing construction of the swimming pool coverOn pages Space, Protect Star and Panorama there is an increased emphasis on precise and strong production of broken joining with special chromium elements.





Glazing of swimming pool coversThe glazing of cover mod. ADVANCED is done in several standard designs and other possibilities by order.

Standard glazings are:

For models:  Oval, Protect, Space Plus 
Glazing: Double–layer Polycarbonat 8 mm, K–Wert 3.4 W/m2

For models: Space, Panorama, Compact
Glazing: Double–layer Polycarbonat 10 mm, K–Wert 3.1 W/m2

For models: Oval Plus, Protect Plus, Protect Star, Space Star
Glazing: SAN (Styrol–Acryl–Nitril) panels 4 mm, K–Wert 5.4 W/m2


Glazing in blueOn pages Oval Plus, Protect Plus, Protect Star and Space Star SAN panels in transparent blue are suppliable on explicit request.





Construction elements for swimming pool coverAll screws are made of stainless steel, metal parts are chromated, handles are made of technopolymer (Polyamid), plugs and shutters are made of Biamid (Polyamid), retractable wheel are made of Polyoxymethylen (Polyoxymethylen - POM) with rust–resistant bearings..



Rubber sealsSeals for glazing, sealing rubber tongues between segments and lower rubber seals in frontal walls (different heights).




Segments of pool cover

Standard general classification of segments according to length. Deviations from the indicated classification are possible according to special requests when ordering, design possibilities etc.

According to the length of the cover - for all cover types

up to lengths of 7,65 m              3 segments
7,66 - 10,17 m  4 segments
10,18 - 12,7 m  5 segments
more than 12,71 m  6 or more segments

COVER WIDTH (max. outer tracks extents)

The cover width is always adapted to special needs, but there are certain limitations for maximum width in individual covers. For some standard cover widths can be extended by using stronger profiles (extra charge).

The listed dimensions apply the max. external track width, meaning that the internal cover width is smaller according to the track width and the number of segments (subtract the track width from the external width — covers with 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 segments etc.)

Pool covers models ADVANCED Widths
Oval, Oval plus standard width of up to 6 m, with stronger frames up to 8 m 
Protect, Protect Plus, Space Plus, Space Starstandard width of up to 6 m, with stronger frames up to 7 m
Space, Panoramawidth of up to 8 m
Protect Starwidth of up to 5,5 m
Compactwidth of up to 7 m

RAILINGS - enlcosure guides

RailingsPool covers ADVANCED slide on special flat railings (12 or 20 mm) mounted on the level ground along the pool. The railings can also be sunken into the ground so they will not disturb the general appearance of the pool when the cover is retracted. The number of railings depends on the number of segments of the cover. With smaller covers with a height of up to 6 m extra flat railings are used (12 mm), for larger covers the railings are stronger (20 mm). For an easier installation of extra flat railings and for the most common number of segments (4 and 5 segments), there are special pads available that are placed before the installation of the railings.

Railing type depends on the cover model and width:

Extra flat railings with a width of 12 mm for the following cover models:
Oval, Oval Plus, Protect, Protect Plus, Protect Star, Space Plus, Space Star,

Covers with a stronger frame for widths above 6 m the railing width is 20 mm.

Extra flat railings with a width of 20 mm for the following cover models:
Space, Panorama, Compact and all models wider than 6 m

The number of railings and their width depend on the number of segments:

Extra flat railings with a width of 12 mm
2 segments, width 120 mm
3 segments, width 188 mm
4 segments, width 256 mm
5 segments, width 325 mm
6 segments, width 393 mm

Flat railings with a width of 20 mm
2 segments, width 108 mm
3 segments, width 198 mm
4 segments, width 288 mm
5 segments, width 378 mm
6 segments, width 468 mm

When calculating the total max. cover width, do not forget to include the width of the desired internal pool dimensions and the double width (on the left and right side of the pool) of the railings according to the number of segments.

LOCKING and securing cover segments

LockingAll covers come with special bolts for securing the segments. Additionally, every segment can be equipped with a lock to prevent the uninvited from entering the pool area.

All doors (folding, revolving on the front side or on the flanks of the cover) can be locked with a lock.



Front walls are designed in order to allow the cover to retract beyond the pool edge (in case the pool has such an edge) by opening an extra low (standard height 40 cm, custom height up to 60 cm — depending on the cover model) folding door stretching along the whole width of the front wall. On both front walls, there are special rubber seals installed.

Most covers have a folding door on the front wall in order to enable easier unlocking and swimming when the cover is extended (also with low covers).

In case of higher covers, a usual revolving door can be installed on the extreme walls, for example on the back wall (on the opposite side from the retracting direction of the cover) or in case of pools without curbstones (no obstacles during the retracting process).

Pool covers can also be equipped with special doors on the flanks of the cover.


Pool covers - special designsBeside the standard covers and optional equipment, there are also custom made covers available. Custom designs include higher arches or simply a higher segment or two, different segment widths etc.

Also the number of segments can be increased so that certain segments are shorter than standard segments, it is possible to choose from any cover colour in the RAL chart or order an cover with a stronger frame than the standard one (only available with certain models) etc.